Wood you believe it?

[adapted from a post on the Cropwell Bishop Plan website]

Max Jordan (our PCC Treasurer) endeavours to raise funds for St Giles Church by recycling used wood e.g. pallets, as timber suitable for wood burners, open fires etc.

With this in mind, he approached the building contractors at the Bloor Homes site in the village and, as a result, he now takes delivery of a mini-skip of timber offcuts every week.

Villagers have been collecting wood from Max while wood continues to be delivered to him.

At the moment, he has quite a stockpile, but he would hate to see the contractors simply send the wood to landfill.

So, if you require firewood for fuel, please contact him.

As Treasurer of St Giles Church, he is able to accept any donations that people may wish to make when collecting the wood. They will help to fund the church.

His contact details are:

Max Jordan
1A Thurlby Close
Tel: 0115 989 9299

As you can see from the photos, he currently has quite a lot of firewood and offcuts available.

Tony Jarrow