Women in Fellowship – National Prayer Hour

Women in Fellowship is an ecumenical organisation for Christian Women.

On Wednesday 3rd February 2021, more than 35 local branches of the national organisation joined together for a National Prayer Hour.

Sally Stothard, from our congregation and a member of a local branch, says:

I was inspired and uplifted by prayers from the Women in Fellowship website and I thought other people might like to read them too, so if you’d like to, they can be found here.

These are a couple of my favourites:

Dear God, Who watches over us wherever we are, and carries us when we cannot bear the strains of life. Be with us now as we pray for our nation and our world in this time of pandemic. We pray for healing for our bodies, minds and our souls. Give us the strength to endure illness and loneliness, and bring us peace. May we be sources of blessing to those we are in contact with, and we pray especially for those finding this time particularly difficult. Watch over our fellowship and comfort those of our members who need our prayers today. Be with those caring for the sick, in hospitals, hospices, care homes and private dwellings. Give them the strength they need to discharge their duty with love and compassion. We pray for an end to our time of trial, for success of treatments and vaccinations, that we may return to in person get- togethers and fellowship, and come together to worship you, our Father through Jesus Christ your son. Amen.

Lord of all faithfulness, Lord of all light, as we struggle with our human frailty of mind and body in these difficult times, You tell us not to be anxious about anything, but in all situations by Prayers and petitions to present our requests to You. We pray that you give us peace in our hearts and for those who are facing difficult times that we show compassion and love. We ask for wisdom for our leaders and scientists as they face the challenge of daily decisions and we pray in gratitude for all who are caring for the sick and to keep us safe. As a Fellowship, just as the Magi made their journey from knowledge of the star to belief when they saw the Christ child, so may we make that journey through the coming year whatever it may bring. Amen