Online Petition: Bring Ukraine’s stolen children back home

A recent report has detailed a network of dozens of Russian camps aimed at giving Ukrainian children from the occupied territories pro-Moscow views, with some children detained indefinitely.

At least 6,000 children from Ukraine have attended Russian “re-education” camps in the past year, with several hundred held there for weeks or months beyond their scheduled return date, according to a new report published in the US.

Russia has also unnecessarily expedited the adoption and fostering of children from Ukraine in what could constitute a war crime, the Yale Humanitarian Research Lab report found. The report was funded by the US state department.

You can read more about this outrage in articles from The Guardian, The Independent and The Mail Online. The Independent article also contains a 2-minute news video.

What can you do to help?

There is an online petition which aims to bring pressure on governments worldwide to act on behalf of these exploited children and their families. By signing the petition, you add your voice to the protest and encourage the UK government to respond. At the time of writing, more than 600,000 signatures had been collected.

Once you have signed the petition yourself, please pass the details on to as many of your contacts as possible in order to maximise the effect.