The Bishops are Coming – September 2019

The Archbishop of York, John Sentamu, in his final year in the role, is leading a team of around 17 Bishops from the north of the country to spend 4-day mission in Nottinghamshire on 12th-15th September 2019.

Two Bishops, along with their entourages, will be based in each of the nine deaneries within the Diocese and they will be keen to engage with local communities. In our own deanery of East Bingham there will be some large scale events but we, as the Wiverton in the Vale Parish, can expect to host two or three events which a Bishop and their team will attend.

So, we are looking for ideas for events! Some we have had so far are a larger scale Souperbowl, a Rogation Sunday style service, a whole parish evening Holy Communion with BBQ afterwards, a mass walk along the Nottingham-Grantham canal and a large WI gathering!

If you want some inspiration, check out this article on a similar mission of the Bishops from the North in Northumberland last year.

This is a great opportunity but needs to be a team effort so please let me know your ideas!

Also, we need to find accommodation for the Bishops and their teams so any offers in this respect are very welcome.

I am coordinating our input with Robin Coles but we are building up a team to handle this mission and as always volunteers are very welcome!

Edward Hine
Phone: 01949 20494