Thank you to retired clergy

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Nearly scuppered by flooding!

The PCC planned a social event on 15th October to say thank you to the retired priests who have supported us through the interregnum. But when the day dawned, many routes into and through Colston Bassett were impassable, and there was great concern that we might not be able to proceed.

Fortunately, the day itself was dry, one key route into the village was open, and we were able to go ahead.

One of our retired priests summarised the evening in the thanks he sent afterwards:

“We were both overwhelmed by the wonderful evening that you and your team prepared.  From the grand introductions…to the table decorations…the name cards and anagrams…the provision of drinks and food….the reminder to everyone present of church family unity and teamwork over the past year…the expression of thanks to everyone…and even the cyclamens for us clergy!”

Another said “Not only was it delicious, and a lovely occasion, but a tremendously kind gesture. Please pass on our sincere thanks”

These people have clearly valued their time helping us out, with comments such as:

“…enjoyed… the opportunity and privilege to join you in serving Christ’s Kingdom during your interregnum”

“It has of course been a real privilege to help out and work alongside such wonderful people. Be assured of our prayers as you look forward to welcoming Rachel as your Rector.”

We look forward to building on this year, continuing to work, pray and worship together with Rachel in place.