St. Mary’s Ruined Church and Journalling the Psalms

Some of you may have viewed the recording by Notts TV about the recent project to repair masonry at St. Mary’s ruined Church, and many of you in our House Groups have had the amazing experience during Lent of Journalling the Psalms.

Is there a connection? Let me start with St. Mary’s.

Edward, Jackie and I (members of St. John’s Home Team) started on the St. Mary’s project in 2022, aiming to keep the structure safe and open to the public.

Grant funding from Rushcliffe Borough Council (UK Shared Prosperity Fund and Rural England Prosperity Fund) combined with local fundraising and generous donations from residents enabled the project to be completed in February this year.

 A huge thankyou is owed to all of those who worked so hard, and gave generously to make it happen.

St. Mary’s will remain open, safe, and free to all who would like to experience its beauty and tranquillity for many more years.

So what is the connection to the Psalms?

In my Tuesday afternoon House Group in Cropwell Bishop, we have followed the Lent course and used the book Journalling the Psalms’ by Paula Gooder. Paula provides a guide for each Psalm, easy to follow and very thought provoking. I have been led to think back over my own journey of faith, world events, wars, family, health, friends… all from a few lines in a Psalm!

At the end of each Psalm Paula asks ‘What do I now need to pray for/about?’

The answer was never St. Mary’s, however several of the Psalms led me to pray for Baptisms, which was such an important foundation for my own faith, and so vital to welcome people into Christ’s family.

So now to complete the link…..

On Easter Sunday morning, 6:15 a.m. I was immensely privileged to witness Sam being Baptised at St. Mary’s Church, probably the first Baptism in over 100 years at St. Mary’s.

A prayer joyfully answered. May there be many more Baptisms to come.

Alleluia He is Risen!!!

Josie McGuirk
St. John Home Team
8 April 2024