St Giles’ Church re-ordering

Update – 28 June 2023

It’s nearly seven weeks since work started at St Giles’, and most of that has been taken up with the careful excavation down to the required level in the area to have underfloor heating beneath a new stone floor. Under the watchful eyes of an archaeologist, interesting findings were found, both structural and regarding burials, all fully documented for future reporting and display.

This week has seen lots of change, with 300mm of insulation going in, over which the pipes have been laid and clipped in place. Also visible on the image, the first section of limecrete has been laid over the pipes in the north aisle – a slow job, as mixing and drying time can’t be rushed!

All very exciting, and much to look forward to!

The plans for the project are shown below. Click here for a downloadable and printable PDF file.