Ride and Stride 2023 – Saturday 9 September

Support Ride+Stride 2023
by Nick Perry

The annual Ride+Stride for Churches event takes place between 10 am and 6 pm on Saturday 9th September, when participants will raise sponsorship by walking, cycling, and riding horses, tractors, etc to visit churches across the country. Details of this national event can be found at ridestride.org.

In Notts, the event is organised by Nottinghamshire Historic Churches Trust (NHCT), and churches are urged to take part in some way. Many churches are open to visitors on the day, some providing refreshments and ‘comfort stops’ for participants. We expect that all of the churches in our parish (including the ruined church of St Mary) will be taking part in the event. Participating churches can receive 50% of the sponsorship raised by riders/striders who nominate them, and the other 50% is used by the Trust to support churches with grants for repair and restoration.

If you would like to take part please contact the Ride+Stride Administrator for Notts, Margaret Lowe, on 07757 800 919 or margaret.lowe@nottshistoricchurchtrust.org.uk, or go to the Trust’s website for more information. 

For each of the last few years I have visited around 40-50 churches on the day.

2020 – 52 churches in 8 hours!

In 2022, having visited 48 churches, I was honoured to be awarded a £75 prize (for my church!) for having amassed the most ‘points’ (church visits are allocated differing points values) of all Nottinghamshire participants (for the second year running) and an additional £25 for raising the 3rd most sponsorship (£1100).

This year, I plan to take part again but am hoping to visit churches in the northern half of the county !

I shall be donating the ‘own church’ portion of the sponsorship money to the St Mary’s Church renovation appeal, which is aiming to raise about £30k for necessary repairs to this historic ruined church in Colston Bassett.

I would very much value your support in the venture, either through prayer or sponsorship. There are a number of ways you can pledge sponsorship:

  • Fill in my ‘physical’ sponsor form if you see me around
  • Visit my JustGiving page to make an online donation
  • Complete an online sponsor form (and I will arrange to collect any payment after the event)
  • Contact me using my details on the Who’s Who page

Charity donations, including to NHCT and individual churches, have been badly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, so any help you can give would be much appreciated.

Many thanks