Rogation Day Service 2019, Tythby

Tythby, 26 May 2019

Rogation is one of the three services during the church year which gives us an opportunity to give thanks not only to God but also the farmers and farm workers for their hard work. The other services are Plough Sunday, usually at the beginning of January, and of course Harvest in the autumn. On the 26th May, seventeen members of our congregation assembled in Holy Trinity Church, Tythby for this service. After beginning the service in church we all went to various parts of the farm, ‘A field of grain’, ‘The farmyard’, ‘The meadow’ and finally ‘The well’ in the farmers garden where scripture readings were read, prayers said and verses of hymns sung. We then returned to the church where a prayer was said for the welfare of the village as well as rest for those who are buried in the churchyard. The service ended and refreshments were served and thanks offered that the rain had stayed away. All in all, a lovely service in a lovely setting.


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