Parish email

Most people who have an official role within the parish have been allocated a parish email account with a parish email address of the form

If you do not currently have a parish email address and think that having one would help you in the work you do for the parish, please complete a request form by clicking here.

Messages that are sent to your parish email address are stored in your parish mailbox.

The main ways to access the messages in your mailbox (and send messages from your mailbox) are explained below.

1. Via the parish mail server

The most straightforward way to access your parish email is by directly logging in to the parish mail server at:

using your parish username and password.

Unfortunately, the login page doesn’t come with a ‘forgotten password’ facility, so you are advised to keep a copy of your password in a secure location. If you do forget your password, you will have to contact me to ask for your password to be reset.

Although straightforward, this method does mean that you have to remember to check your mailbox regularly and deal with a (potentially) new user interface.

2. Linking your parish mailbox to your personal email account

Most people have been using their personal mail provider (Yahoo!, GMail, Hotmail, Outlook, etc) for many years and are familiar with its method of access to emails. If you wish to receive your parish email in the same place as your personal email, it is likely that your personal mail provider offers the ability to link your parish mailbox to your personal email account. In most cases, this will allow you to send and receive emails at your parish address. How you set this up depends on your provider and some guidance can be found by clicking on the images below:

Yahoo! Mail
Apple Mail