Operation Christmas Child 2018

When we see the terrible effects of war, poverty, famine, natural disasters and disease, especially showing children, we can feel overwhelmed and helpless. Aid agencies prioritise food and medicine but children the world over need something more.

Once again there is something we CAN do; we can each make a life changing gift to an individual child with a shoebox full of little toys and love. As usual, the distribution is all taken care of by Operation Christmas Child. You just need to fill a shoebox (several if you like) with toys and bring it back to one of the churches in the Parish of Wiverton in the Vale.

Leaflets and boxes will be available at the Langar service on 7th October and can be returned for a blessing at the Langar service on November 4th. Otherwise leaflets and boxes can be collected from, and the filled boxes returned to, a church in the Parish – not the Rectory this year – by 19th November.

Thank you on behalf of the child who receives your box.

Vivien Hall (0115 989 0250)