Online Carol Service – Sunday 20 December

The Fourth Sunday of Advent

This week, we have a special service of readings and carols for you to join in with at home. Sid Mitchell (LLM in training) will lead the service and give a short reflection. The carols will be led by a (socially-distanced) choir and the readings will be delivered by members of our congregations.

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Please join us for a special time at

10.30 am on Sunday 20 December

You might find it helpful to display a copy of the Weekly Notices side-by-side with the video or have a printed copy handy. The words of the carols will appear as subtitles in the video.

The video will remain on the website afterwards, so that you can watch it again later (or for the first time, if you missed it before!)

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Time for a Cuppa

We are replicating the tradition of ‘refreshments’ after the service with an online Zoom meeting at 11.30 am. You will obviously have to provide your own tea/coffee and cake/biscuits, but you should be able to enjoy the company of others who have shared in the service and catch up with news. For reasons of online security, we no longer publish Zoom links in the Weekly Notices or on our website. Please click here to subscribe to receive regular invitation links by email, ensuring you tick the Time for a Cuppa box along with any other types of update you would like to receive from us. You can contact Robin Coles if you haven’t yet subscribed and need the link for this Sunday’s meeting. If you haven’t used Zoom before, click here for some guidelines on how to get started.

We would love to know how many are joining us in these services and what you think of them. We can tell how many 'views' we get through YouTube but we have no idea how many are watching each screen or what you thought!

We very much value your feedback and would be most grateful if you could spare a few seconds to answer the questions below. All responses are anonymous (unless you choose to give us your name) and no comments will be published unless you give us your consent.

Yours in Christ,

Reverend Rachel Mitchell

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The next scheduled online service is in two weeks on Sunday 3 January at 10.30 am, but we will be broadcasting a Christmas Message on Christmas Day from 8.30 am by Reverend Keith Turner. Check the website beforehand for details.