Lent Parish Retreat

As part of our “Praying the Psalms” Lent Journey this year we have included a Prayer/Retreat Day for our parish on Tuesday 19th March. The Retreat will take place at Langar Church from 10am to 3pm [which should allow for school pick-up if any parents want to join us]. Everyone is welcome and you don’t need to have any previous experience in retreats. There will be no cost to the day. A simple lunch will be provided.

This is just another aspect of our Lent journey that reminds us that looking at the Psalms during Lent is not just an academic exercise – a discussion to understand the psalms better – but is a means for being spiritually formed in the image of Jesus Christ.

Jesus is desiring to meet with you, and this needs us to give time for that to happen in a meaningful way. A day like this will go a long way in facilitating that meeting.

There will be some prayer stations based on the Psalms for use as an aid to prayer. There will also be a creative corner for writing, painting, etc and also a refreshment corner for coffee, tea and cake. We will have short, structured worship and guided reflection times together on the hour and then there will be opportunity to take time to listen to God and let Him speak directly into our own hearts. Please bring your own Bible, if you have one, and a means to record any notes or words that you receive during the day. The retreat will end with a simple communion service.

Why not tithe the day to God and see how He will nourish your soul through the journey?

Everyone is welcome and if you would like to join us please contact Jane Travis to book in and let her know if you have any dietary requirements.