Laptop Appeal


Are you able to help the children at Cropwell Bishop Primary School?
Some of the children at our school would benefit from us having some old laptops we could give them for home learning during lockdown as they haven’t one at home. We are having to loan them school ones but soon these will be needed back in school and the children would love to have one of their own they could use for homework after lockdown.
We are working with the charity Retech ( to repurpose old laptops into simple devices that will enable children to access Home Learning during lockdown. The charity will professionally wipe the laptop of all old files, software and operating systems so there are no data security worries. The laptop will then get new software installed on it and be given to a child who we know needs one for their home learning and future homework. The charity can re-purpose almost any laptop, don’t think yours will be too old!
Ideally we would like the laptop to come with a power lead, but without is ok. Even if you just have old power leads, please donate them, they may help us.
Do you have any old, unwanted laptops you could donate?
Please drop them off at our school if you can. Come to the gate (in school hours) and ring the buzzer. Someone will come and collect it from you. If you can’t get to school, but have one you want to donate, just email or call us. We will organise someone to collect it from you.
Cropwell Bishop Primary School, Stockwell Lane, Cropwell Bishop. NG12 3BX
0115 989 2250