Guidelines for transferring large files

Small files may be conveniently transferred between users by attaching them to emails. However, most email providers place a filesize limit of 10-25 MB. This is perfectly adequate for most files like text documents, spreadsheets, individual photos, etc. However, If you need to transfer larger files, like video files, presentations containing lots of images, etc, you need to use another method.

WeTransfer –

WeTransfer is a well-established, reliable and free online service for the transfer of files up 2 GB, which is large enough for almost anything you might want to share.

You don’t actually need to set up an account to use WeTransfer, but it is more convenient to do so, so that you don’t have to verify your email each time you use the service.

Follow the instructions below to transfer one or more files using WeTransfer.

  • In your web browser, type into the address bar or simply click here, and the WeTransfer website will open up in a new browser tab
  • If you already have an account, you can skip the next step
  • Create a WeTransfer account
    • click Sign up, ignore all the exhortations to Get WeTransfer Pro and scroll down to the bottom of the page, where you should click on Sign up for free.
    • Enter the requested details and click Let’s go
    • WeTransfer will then send a verification message to your email address, so now check your email account for new messages (it may take a minute or two to arrive)
    • Open the email from WeTransfer and click on Verify email →
    • A WeTransfer tab should open in your browser stating that your email has been verified and you now have an account, so continue as below
  • Use your account to transfer files
    • Click on Log in and enter your email address and password
    • If you want to transfer a single file, click on Add your files , select the file to be transferred and click Open
    • If you want to transfer all the files in a particular folder, click on Or select a folder, select the folder you wish to transfer and click Upload
    • (Optionally) repeat the two steps above until you have included all the files/folders you wish to transfer
    • Under Email to, enter the email address for the intended recipient of your files
    • Your email should already be filled in (as you have an account)
    • (Optionally) add a Message to the recipient
    • Click Transfer
    • You should see a confirmation that the file has been uploaded to WeTransfer and an email sent to the recipient with instructions on how to download it

Nick Perry