George Floyd – A Call to Prayer from the Diocese

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The Minneapolis mural in memory of George Floyd, who died whilst being arrested by police at 9.25 pm on Monday 25 May 2020

Reproduced from the diocesan website…

As a diocese we would like to encourage people to join in a time of special prayer on Monday 8th June at 9.25pm.  We will join with brothers and sisters in Christ from many traditions and denominations across the City and County.

Many of us have been saddened and angered by the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis last week and the events that have followed.

These events highlight the fact that we live in a world where racism, prejudice and bigotry persist.  Around the world people have been gathering to protest against this continuing injustice in a number of ways.

It was 9.25 pm (Minneapolis time) on Monday 25 May, when George Floyd was pronounced dead.  At 9.25 pm (UK time) this coming Monday 8 June we can join people from across the city and country of Nottingham and beyond, whilst we remain physically distanced from one another, in a moment of prayerful reflection, solidarity and unity.

In this moment, if it is safe to do so, you might wish to light a candle as a symbol and a pledge:

As a symbol of

  • grief as we think first of the family and friends of George Floyd and as we reflect on continuing injustice in our world; and
  • hope for a future – a future where the evil of racism is banished from our society and our streets.

As a pledge to:

  • examine our own hearts and reflect on our own attitudes and indifference;
  • listen to and to love our neighbours of all races and all cultures; and
  • speak out against injustice where we see it and choose to be the community that we long for

For any further support or information please contact  The Revd David McCoulough, Director of Partnerships in Diocese of Southwell & Nottingham