Diocese agrees new formula for funding deaneries

After a process lasting two years, Diocesan Synod has approved a new methodology to inform the allocation of the Diocesan budget across the nine deaneries. The proposal was carried 36:11 in favour with three abstentions. The methodology used is now much more transparent. Also, in an effort to counter the criticisms the Diocese has faced in the past in terms of how the methodology is communicated and understood the diocese is holding three open meetings in September. Michael Arlington, the chair of the finance committee and Nigel Spraggins the chief executive will be sharing this at three open meetings in September. They will also explain the concept of Ministry Costs as a benchmark for what is paid in Share and consider Discipleship imperative of giving. It is hoped that PCC members and interested members of our “home-teams” will find the time to attend one of the sessions.

Steve Gelsthorpe