Christian Resources Exhibition – CRE Midlands 2023

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Cartoon by Canon Taffy Davies

CRE Midlands 2023 will take place at Cranmore Park, Birmingham B90 4LE, on 8-9 November 2023.

Join hundreds of local church leaders, officers and anyone involved in Christian work and ministry, in a day of discovery – of new ideas and resources, specialist advice and inspirational worship and teaching.

The exhibition also includes a lively talks programme, with dozens of talks by national experts offering practical advice on a range of subjects – from fundraising to faith-sharing, holiday clubs to homelessness. The talks programme is free to all CRE visitors.

This exhibition is an excellent opportunity to explore the wealth of resources available for developing church (and individual) ministry. You can get a flavour of what is on offer from the Exhibition Handbook.

The cost of tickets in advance is £4, but it is cheaper to book as a group. If you are interested in attending, please fill in the form below and we will try to organise a group booking and shared transport.