Christian Aid Week 12-18 May 2024

Poverty pushed Aline to the brink of survival.

Aline felt the full force of extreme poverty when an early marriage ended in abuse and violence.

Separated from her six children, she was forced to sleep on the streets of Burundi. No home. No healthcare. No security.

But Aline was determined to push back against the inhumanity of poverty, driven by hope, faith and the love of her children. She transformed her life with a little help from Christian Aid.

Your gifts this Christian Aid Week could help transform the lives of people like Aline.

  • £5 could buy the savings book that will help someone set up the small business that enables them to escape the inhumanity of poverty.
  • £27 could buy the lockable safe that protects a community’s savings, hopes and dreams.
  • £100 could provide ten people with the training that supports their families to set up small businesses, such as selling home-grown vegetables.

Click here to find out more about Christian Aid Week and how you could become involved.

If you receive a Christian Aid Week envelope through your door, you can donate by following the instructions on the envelope.

Alternatively, you can donate through our online Christian Aid Appeal by clicking on the Current Appeal button below.

If you are a UK taxpayer, please complete the online Gift Aid declaration after entering your card details as this is the only way we know who has made the donation.