Christian Aid Week 10-16 May 2020 – Can you help?

Christian Aid Week takes place every year in mid-May. In past years, volunteers have delivered and collected envelopes around the Parish and we have typically raised £3000 for this good cause.

This year, of course, personal delivery of envelopes will not be practicable but the need raise funds for their valuable work at this difficult time is greater than ever. Christian Aid say:

Poor communities are hit hardest by coronavirus. It’s affecting families living in overcrowded refugee camps, and many vulnerable people who have no water to clean their hands. With your support, we can limit the impact of the virus, with life-saving soap and water.

To address this issue, Christian Aid are promoting the delivery of e-Envelopes.

This is how you can help

You are encouraged to send a personalised message to your friends, neighbours and family, asking them to make an online donation to Christian Aid. If you would like to take part please click here or on the button below which will guide you through the process.

In normal times, co-ordination of deliveries would mean each household would only receive one envelope. However, if the e-Envelope campaign takes off, recipients may receive more than one such request from their contacts. It might therefore be wise to include an apology in the event that your email is one of many with the same underlying message. Still, better that people should receive many such requests than none at all!

Please help the most vulnerable in society by joining in this campaign and encouraging others to take part too.