Advice for those attending Public Worship

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Advice for those attending Public Worship.
The last few months have been the first national interruption to public worship for 800 years. It is lovely that we can join together in worship again, but we all need to take care of ourselves and other as we do so.
These pages are intended to help you minimise the risks and to explain the procedures that we have put in place.
To Summarise
• Think carefully whether it is safe for you to come.
• Be especially vigilant about the risks to yourself and others.
• Aim to maintain 2m social distancing where possible.
• There will be a limit to the number of people attending. Please be understanding if we do not have room for everyone.
• Face coverings are mandatory from the 8th August 2020 and should be worn by all attending a place of worship. Remember, they are mainly intended to protect other people, not the wearer, from coronavirus (COVID-19).
Before you come to Church
First of all consider whether you are confident about coming to church in the first place. We have done our best to assess the risks and to minimise them. However, a number of early outbreaks of Covid-19 were associated with church gatherings. You will want to consider the added risk to yourself and the risk that you may pose to others.
If you intend to come to Church, please be especially careful in your other activities. Do not give lifts to people outside your social bubble.
If you, or anyone with whom you have been in contact in the past two weeks, show any symptoms of Covid-19 you must stay at home and follow NHS guidelines.
As far as possible we are maintaining 2 metre social distancing. Please stick to this.
There is a limit to the number of people who can safely attend Church. Please be understanding if we cannot accommodate everybody.
Social distancing also means that you may not have a good view. We are sure you will understand why this is.
To keep you safe, face coverings will be worn by those welcoming you and the clergy. Communion will be in one kind only and the wafers will have been covered until the point when Communion is administered.
Arrival in Church
When you arrive, we will take your name and phone number for contact tracing purposes and keep them for 21 days. Please tell us if you develop Covid-19 symptoms ( or 07944 992178).
You will be asked to sanitise your hands and one of our Welcomers will direct you to your seat.
A couple of seats may be marked for those participating in the service.
Recorded music may be played before the service and at other points. Please do not sing along: singing carries the virus further. It is OK for you to stand and sit during the service as normal.
The Ministry of the Word
The lectern and other places from which readings are read may only be used once for any household.
The Peace
Please do not share the peace with anyone.
Theological advice about receiving communion
Although the symbolism of receiving communion in both kinds (the bread and the wine) is good, and normal practice, the Church has always taught that you receive the fullness of the sacrament if you receive in one kind.
For many Christians this has always been normal practice.
Please come forward to receive communion one ‘family’ group at a time. Before receiving, sanitise your hands at the sanitising station.
The priest will put on PPE, sanitise his/her hands, and bring communion to you from a container that has been untouched for 72 hours.
Please receive the wafer in your open hands. It will be dropped into your hands to avoid contact.
Wait until the priest has passed to the next communicant before consuming the wafer.
The Dismissal
At the end of the service please remain in your places, until invited to move.
Please take away any printed material that has today’s date. Undated orders of service may be left on your seat. They will not be touched for more than 72 hours.
Our Welcomers will direct you. Those closest to the line between the doors will be asked to move first. Those nearest to the front or back of the church will be last to leave. Please go directly out as directed.
We understand that you may want to talk to your friends after the service. If you wish to do this, please move away from the paths so that other people can pass safely. Please observe all other government advice including keeping at least 2m distant from others.