A Message from Bishop Paul to East Bingham Deanery

Steve Gelsthorpe, the Lay Chair of East Bingham Deanery, writes:

Last week I received the attached  letter from the Bishop addressed to you all which perfectly reflects my instincts as to what was happening across the deanery. Please can you all give yourselves an enormous round of applause. It has been fashionable over the last 3 months or so to clap for those who are working so hard to keep our nation safe. I see no reason however why we cannot as a deanery show our gratitude towards each other. That the Grace of God has flourished and the Holy Spirit continued to move at a pace throughout our deanery during lockdown is testament to you all. Whilst we have been unable to meet in Synod I am looking, along with Stephen [Hippisley-Cox], at ways of arranging another deanery wide opportunity for us to come together to give thanks to you and to God for all the very good things that have emerged out of the darkness of lockdown and which, in no small part, have come about because of all you have been doing. My very best wishes to each and every one of you, I hope that we will all be able to come together in the name of God, and in person, very soon.


You can open a print-friendly version of Bishop Paul’s message by clicking here.