Rector’s Letter

Letter from the Rector

Resurrection inspires & transforms


Dear Friends,

As we near the end of Lent and move into Holy Week we make ready to   celebrate Easter,  the most important festival in the Christian Calendar. Without the resurrection, the birth and death of Jesus become irrelevant and life would be very different.  Jesus would have been just another teacher and prophet, another victim of Roman “justice” but his resurrection changed and inspired the lives of his closest  followers and still changes and inspires lives today.

We see that inspiration in the writers,  artists, musicians, craftsmen and craftswomen, architects, builders and others whose skill and creativity enables us to celebrate Easter  in our churches, chapels and cathedrals. We give thanks for them but not them alone. The most inspiring thing about the resurrection is that it transforms the lives of ordinary men, women and children like you and me. So we give thanks too for the evangelists, preachers, teachers and leaders, past and present, who have been witnesses to the story of   Jesus since that first great Easter day.

We might think that Easter is all about eggs and bunnies but in truth it is about hope and a new life, available to every single person.

Christianity is not just a moral code. It is  a way of life in a personal relationship with God through the resurrected Christ who lives with us today by His Holy Spirit and invites us all into a new and abundant life.  My prayer for us all, is that as we celebrate Easter this year we will be inspired and transformed.

Canon Bronwen Gamble Rector of the Parish of Wiverton in the Vale