Our Teams

We have a number of dedicated teams working together to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible within the parish. The email address listed for each team will send your message to all members of the team. If you wish to contact an individual member of the team, click here to go to the Who’s Who page.

Parochial Church Council (PCC)Nick Perry (Lay Chair), Katharine Bacon, Hilary Tabron, Steve Gelsthorpe, Edward Hine, Mick Beazley, Mary Mackie, Pam Powell, Maureen Wright, Robin Coles, Trevor Simpson, Mike Raines, Rosie Dulwich, Brenda PreeceClick here
Standing CommitteeEdward Hine, Maureen Wright, Mick Beazley, Mike Raines, Pam Powell, Robin ColesClick here
Parish Profile Working GroupSteve Gelsthorpe, Sue Macdonald, Lucy Paine, Nick PerryClick here
(Children's Ministry)
Vivien Hall, Ray Halpin, Ann Mansell, Hilary Tabron, Katharine BaconClick here